We are an independent game developer focused on delivering story-driven, top-notch premium projects.

Our goal is to become a widely recognizable game developer, creating brands associated with the highest quality and unique experiences.


We aim to complete the first project in the next 24 months. This will be a FPP game set in the futuristic noir world.


We are in the gaming industry for years. Somebody would call us veterans. At the beginning it was a hobby, but passion quickly turned into consistently developed professional paths, which result with many completed projects for PC, PS, Xbox, mobile and web platforms.

Grzegorz Goleń

Lead Designer

Started in 2008 at Can’t Stop Games, where he led the project in cooperation with National Geographic realized on the basis of the TV series Doomsday Preppers. Then he managed projects like Age of Cavemen and Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016 at Fuero Games. He realized his original vision there creating a narrative game called Bushy Tail, whose prototype has won 8 awards at international gaming expos.

Andrzej Marszałek

Art Director

Cooperated with such international studios like Avalanche Studios (Rage 2), CD-Projekt RED (The Witcher 3), Techland (Dying Light), Platige Image (trailer for the game For Honor), IllFonic (Predator: Hunting Grounds). He worked on LawBreakers developed by Boss Key Productions founded by the legend of the gaming industry: Cliff Bleszinski.

Artur Jaskólski


Active for over 20 years in the computer games industry, playing key roles in multiplayer teams. He designed and managed projects like Mimesis Online (the first MMO game distributed in the „free-to-download” model), The Roots: Gates of Chaos (unique Multiplayer Online Action RPG) and Pirates Saga – the first free-to-play, action based MMO game for Facebook, as well as many more browser, PC, various consoles and mobile games.


Almost a year ago we started working on our first project. Since the beginning, the team grows and more members join us. All of them have great experience in the games industry and worked on the top-notched titles. Among all, we can list few below.